WB Photography | About
WB Photography was created to give the average person an affordable and professional
alternative to the grossly overpriced photographic services that are currently available.

During this time of economic turmoil, most photographers are still charging $3000-$5000
to shoot a wedding and unless you're well to do, that is a steep price to pay for memories.
After hearing that a family friend was getting married and could not afford a photographer for their
wedding, it became obvious that something needed to be done, and with that WB Photography was born.

We at WB Photography believe that everyone should have the opportunity to capture those precious memories. Whether its a wedding, 75th anniversary, family portrait or bar mitzvah it should not have to cost and arm and leg to preserve them.

At WB Photography it is our mission to help those who are looking for a less expensive alternative without breaking the bank while preserving memories with professional results.